Hunter Mahan Driver Swing Analysis

by Max on Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Hunter Mahan is another upcoming PGA Tour pro. Let’s look at his action:

At takeaway, we can see clearly that Hunter like to follow the “yellow” plane.

At halfway up, you can see that Hunter manipulates his arms to get the club on-plane. (with the red plane)

At the top of his swing, we can see clearly that Hunter is pretty much on-plane with the red-plane.

Halfway down, Hunter is slightly inside the plane, perfectly good for a nice little draw.

At impact, Hunter looks pretty good, maybe his right arm could be little bit more straighter.

Hunter could benefit from a 1-plane swing. Simply by changing his takeaway to be more on-plane with the red plane, he could do more with less work.

Here’s Hunter Mahan’s swing in action:

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