Fred Funk Driver Swing Analysis

by Max on Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

For many years, Fred Funk has always been one of the straightest drivers on the PGA Tour and his swing has never changed. (probably because of that)

Let’s look at what makes his swing “tick”.

At setup, Fred looks pretty good.  Notice that his sets with his ball outside the ball.  Kinda unusual but some pros do this to hit inside-out.

At takeaway, Fred is doing pretty good, maybe slightly inside the plane. (Plane is a little off here because the camera angle is slightly closed)

At half-way, Fred looks pretty good.

At top of Fred’s swing, his in perfect plane except that his clubface is really shut.  This isn’t great for hooking the ball but let’s find out how he manages to hit the ball straight with this backswing.

At half-way down, Fred is lookin’ good.

At impact, notice how much his hips have turned (maybe 45 degrees) and his shoulders.

Fred must really drive his hips in order to hit the ball straight but he hits straight alrighty.

After impact, Fred is in good shpae.

Fred’s swing requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and lots of lower body movement to hit it well.  Fred might need a hip surgery when he gets older due to the fact he must really drive his hips.

Don’t swing like Fred if you want to play golf for a long time but Fred is still one of the straightest drivers on the tour.

Here’s Fred Funk’s funky swing in action:

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