Eric Axley Driver Swing Analysis

by Max on Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Eric Axley Driver Swing Analysis

Eric Axley is one of those lefty PGA tour pros who has a great potential and it looks like he’s tied for the lead at this week’s John Deer Classic.

Let’s take a look at his swing.

At takeaway, Eric gets very inside, which might be a problem if he doesn’t re-route his club but he does on the next position.

At top of his swing, Eric gets back on perfect plane.

At impact, Eric looks pretty good, maybe his head dips a little too much and his left foot could be down a little more.

After impact, Eric is in really good position with his hands and club outside the plane, meaning he swung inside-out.

Finish looks okay, he could stand up little straighter.

In conclusion, Eric Axley has a pretty good swing but could be improved a lot more.  He swings a little too much inside-out as seen on his takeaway and followthrough.  I imagine his misses are to his left under a lot of pressure.

He probably won win this week but watch out for this young man in the future.

Here’s Eric Axley’s Driver swing in action:

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2 Responses to “Eric Axley Driver Swing Analysis”

  1. Rich says:

    His takeaway is intentionally to the inside. The inside takeaway is a key component of the Stack & Tilt swing method that Eric Axley uses.

  2. Junger Woods says:

    Yes, a lot of pro tours are intentionally inside regardless of the swing method. Eric Axley has a great backswing but whether that’s stack and tilt or not, the inside movement could be trouble.

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