Davis Love III Iron Shot Down-the-line Swing Analysis

by Max on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

David Love III Iron Shot Down-the-line Swing Analysis

Davis Love III has one of the best swings on tour.  Perhaps the most I like about his swing is actually his rhythm, not his mechanics.

Here’s the breakdown:

At takeaway, Davis is perfectly on plane.  (The line looks a little off because the shot was taken at a slight angle to the right)

At the top of his swing, (For this iron shot, it was a 3/4) Davis’ hands are perfectly on-plane.  His club might be pointing slightly too far right but that’s still good enough.

Before impact, you can see Davis Love’s hands slightly inside the red plane line.  Perfect.

A little closer to impact, look at how his lower body has been cleared away and hands still lagging the clubhead until the last minute.

After impact, you can clearly see Davis has hit the ball from slightly inside-out by looking at his club slightly outside the red plane line.

Here’s Davis Love III’s iron swing in action: (More like a knockdown really)

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