Golf Video – Ben Hogan’s Swing – Does Ben do Stack & Tilt?

by Max on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

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Here’s Ben Hogan’s swing video I found on Youtube. Although you can’t hear anything, if you scroll to the end, you will be able to see Ben Hogan’s Driver swing in action.

It seems that Ben’s weight transfer starts way before his downswing. (which he did mention in his book, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf)

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2 Responses to “Golf Video – Ben Hogan’s Swing – Does Ben do Stack & Tilt?”

  1. tom says:


    Hogan is demonstrably not a Stack and Tilter. Ans shame on Bennett and Plummer for claiming that his method of hitting the ball supports their branded method. Go to this link of Hogan at his very peak:

    at 7 min 26 sec. and diagram Hogan’s swing. Draw a box around his head and trace his spine from his top shirt button down. Then watch in slow motion. He moves his head and his center (core) well right of where it was at address.

    I appreciate the S&T attempt to build on/explain the Mac O’Grady / TGM model (that’s what it is) and I very much like that efficient move. I like other moves as well. But please…… Hogan does not demonstrate their thesis. He repudiates it.

    ps: I doubt they would have invoke Hogan’s name like this if he were alive.

  2. Chris says:

    When Hogan was hitting it best, there was very little movement of the head on the backswing and the swing was more compact. You obviously know nothing about S&T or Hogan´s swing.

    Here is basically S&T in a nutshell…

    1. Weight centered on the backswing and no head movement to the right to provide solid contact(Hogan´s head moves minimally to the right on the backswing, I give you that, it´s still a compensation though that requires more timing)

    2. Tilting the left shoulder down on the backswing (Hogan does that)

    3. Inward hand path. (Hogan does that)

    4. Butt end of the club pointing at the target line halfway back(Hogan does that)

    5. No lifting of the arms on the backswing and arms are matching the shoulders at the top of the backswing position. (Again, Hogan does all that)

    6. Big lateral move towards the target (Hogan probably had the biggest lateral move in golf)

    7. Release around the body instead of down the line (Hogan does that)

    8. A compact finish position (Hogan has that)

    Basically Hogan is closer the S&T model than any other golfer in history.

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