Ben Hogan Front View Swing Analysis

by Max on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

I’d have to say the best golf striker in history of golf was Ben Hogan.

Here’s his swing is full motion.

At takeaway, Ben has a very nice full extension of his arms.  Notice his right leg, it does not move a bit during his whole backswing.

At the top of his swing, Ben’s wrists are almost 70 degrees cocked, more than most pro tours.

At impact, you can see how well Ben has transferred his weight to his left and nice extension of his arms.

At followthrough, you can clearly see Ben’s arms and club really “shooting” up at the sky.

Swing like this great.  Mind you, Ben did get in a car accident before his prime, meaning he would have won 2-3 times more tournaments if his leg had been 100%.

Here’s Ben Hogan’s swing in action:

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