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Sunday, September 9th, 2007


Here’s an example of going outside my plane. As discussed in the previous post about Tiger’s plane, it seems here that I am on my way to hitting the ball with a 50 yard slice here. This is what NOT to do…

The Simple Natural Golf Grip

Sunday, September 9th, 2007


As mentioned in the previous post, you need to first have both of your hands opposing each other like shown in the picture above. (kinda like a prayer…)

Grip 2

Then, simply just grip the club without twisting or unnecessary actions.

WARNING: This grip is good for people with neutral golf swing, a natural golf swing.  If you are a chronic hooker, this might help you, if you are a chrnonic slicer, don’t even try it dude.

Leave a comment if you like my grip. :)

Here’s my swing from last year

Friday, September 7th, 2007

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Here’s my swing from last year

After college, I played in the mini-tours in Northern California called, Pepsi Tour. Basically you pay your $300 entry fee and if you win, you win like $1000 to $3000. Not a bad deal if you win most of the time but I lost most of the time… It was a good experience because I got to play with all the best players on that mini-tour. There not that many contenders so if you play enough tournaments, you get to play with the best players eventually.

I would have kept playing but I broke my middle finger while playing basketball so I need to save some money until I get back on tour.  (I am thinking of making donation buttons on this site if there’s enough traffic in the future…hehe… you can ALL sponsor me… and I will give you 500% return if I make it to PGA Tour.  Good deal huh?)

Eventually, I should be able to make money selling mattresses at my new company and get back on to playing golf.  If you wanna be a pro golfer and you live in the Nor-Cal area, I do suggest playing the Pepsi Tour.  It’s a lot of fun.

Anyways, the above video shows my swing with some LEDs in the dark.  I was making this LED device for fun but it could be a good training device too.  (I should patent it huh?)

Check out how to make the LED Golf POV here at my Zedomax site.

Hit the ball great today. Best Ball hitting day in 3 years! (I think…)

Friday, September 7th, 2007

I was kickin’ it at a driving range today for the first time in 3 months due to the fact that we were building the Bedzine Mattress Store and Keetsa Mattress Store.

Anyways, I was at this really nice driving range (with nightlights yes!) near Sunset, San Francisco where I live.

I swung the club great! It was one of those magic definition moments. Too bad I didn’t have a camera with me, otherwise you could’ve seen me swingin’

Anyways here’s the secrets I actually wrote down on the side of my trusty Ping golf bag since I wanted to remember today:

1. Hover the clubhead over the ball before you swing.

2. Use your weight to control the whole swing. Move weight about 25% on the left and 75% on the right to get your swing started. Then move weight 100% to the left and 0% on the right to finish. This will automatically let you turn your body.

3. Keep you grip light. (especially right before the downswing) This will allow you to use the body to control your swing, not your arms or hands.

Well, I will eventually take a picture of my golf bag with the above tips. (Actually I might use it as part of my new golf blog theme…)

Anyways, if I could hit the ball like today, I’d be very very happy everyday. (and make lots of money off my golfing buddies…) :0)

If this helped you, let me know.

The Golf Grip

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

The Golf Grip

Okay, how to grip the Golf Club… This is probably the most important part of your golf swing.

For example, if you have a bad grip, you will need a bad grip to hit a good shot.

If you have a good grip, you will need a good swing to hit a good shot.

The grip is everything in golf. For most of you, your swing is probably bad and your grip is bad too. (Not being harsh, just being honest)

So my advice, don’t change your grip or your swing if it’s working for you and you are already a scratch golfer.

You can see many scratch golfers who can play with a bad grip and a bad swing. But you NEVER see a scratch golfer who can play with a bad grip and a good swing.

Probably the most notable pro golfer who does this is Paul Azinger. Paul Azinger has one of the most strongest grip in golf with a hockey style swing. (well, maybe that’s exaggerating, he DOES has really good knock-down shots which I envy…)

OKAY, how do you grip it correctly MAX?

Okay, here’s my way. First, you get your hands together like you are going to pray so your hands are facing each other. Then naturally put your hands on the club without twisting. Make sure your grip is relaxed like noodle or you just wacked it. (This is a tip that worked for me after I read the book by George Knudson, The Natural Golf Swing)

Anytime tension grows in your grip, you will hit the ball left and right maybe not during practice, but when you are hitting that drive on the par 5 where bets are going to be settled.

Relaxation in your grip is the key, this will relax you and your whole swing, just watch Freddy Couples play. :)

Get the book here at our amazon store:

Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf
by Ben Hogan
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#1 Rule to become a scratch golfer

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Yes, I am too sorry to say this, but there is #1 rule to becoming a scratch golfer:


Okay, that might sound a little harsh for you slightly weak folks but it’s true. You keep your grooves on you clubs fresh and you get nice backspins on your par 3s, and you can actually control your distance…

This might be the most simplest, but as long as you don’t have enough money to hire a caddy to do the work for you, you WILL clean your clubs after every nice shot, if you don’t, don’t blame me…

One thing I’ve notice many mini-tour players do is that they spit a lot (at their clubs) to clean off all the crappy dirt or anything that has embedded on the grooves after a hit.

Notice I didn’t emphasize a “good hit”. A good “hit” always has no dirt or anything coming in between the golf club and the ball. A pure golf ball is hit by the grooves on the golf club, not dirt or any type of big divot. A golf ball hit with control always has no divot.

If you ever noticed Tiger practice, you;d notice that his shots never have any type of divot. (On his BEST ones…)

Well, that is the secret of they day.

If you can figure out how to hit the golf ball without making a diviot and without making it sound “horrible,” you got the groove goin’.

Tiger’s Takeaway – The Secret Swing Plane

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007


Tiger’s Takeaway

After analyzing Tiger’s swing for more than 10 years since he’s appearance on U.S. Amateur, I have found what Tiger does different than anyone else.

Somewhat similar to Ben Hogan’s Swing Plane theory (which we will also get into later), Tiger’s swing stays on this plane:

The plane is between the middle of the ball and middle of his shoulder sockets. As you can see in the picture, Tiger will not leave that plane with his clubhead during his whole swing.

This is something I’ve realized over the years after carefully analyzing his swing and haven’t seen it mentioned in TV or even Golf Digest. (Maybe this IS the secret)

Yes, this is slightly different from David Leadbetter’s 2 swing planes but it’s one thing I’ve noticed that a lot of top pros are doing this.

picture via viewimages