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Golf Tip – How To Master Every Shot You Make On The Golf Course

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Before you can go out to the golf course, you should know exactly how far you hit the ball with each club in your bag under normal weather. (Such as 70 degrees fahrenheit)

If you do know, then you can expect your ball to fly a little bit further or less depending on the weather conditions.

Remember, in the cold weather, the ball will not fly as far and in hot weather, the ball will fly further.

Another thing is that in the cold weather, your ball will not stop as quickly on the greens while your ball will stop a lot more quickly in warm or hot weather.

But again, you need to know the exact yardage for each shot that you know how to hit whether that be a 1/2 swing sand wedge or full driver.

Even though specific clubs are designed for long shots and other clubs were made for shorter ones, the distance that different players can hit the very same club will vary tremendously. This is why so many beginner golfers do not get the results they want from a club that is supposed to hit the ball in a certain way.

The best way to learn specifically what you can accomplish with each is to find a large field that is big enough to handle the travel distance of your longest drive. Make sure that there are no windy conditions that day, and of course be positive that the field is empty for obvious safety reasons.

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Magic Golf Trick – HOWTO Catch A Golf Ball After You Hit It

Friday, September 14th, 2007

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Here’s a HOWTO on catching your golf ball AFTER you hit it.

1. Open the clubface so it’s pointing behind you about -10 degrees.

2. Really feel like you are sitting down.

3. Get wristy and loose with your hands.

4. Make a nice swing and catch the ball.

The key here is to hit the ‘bounce’ of the sand wedge. (Oh yes, you can use Lob wedge or Sand wedge for this shot) while making a smooth swing.

If you can do this, send me a video so I can post it on my site.

How Tiger Woods Grips The Golf Club

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Wow, THIS is too much information. Tiger Woods uses an interlocking grip like Jack Nicklaus, which the right pinky fits between the left pinky and the left 4th finger.

That’s how Tiger grips his clubs but that might not be the best way for you. The interlocking grip is great for those who feel comfortable with it. I started golf with an interlocking grip but have switched to the overlapping grip after a year or so. I still feel the overlapping grip fits me better but grip really is a personal thing. It’s not something you can write 5 pages about it. It’s something you just need to feel good and confident about it when you are hitting that golf ball for $10 a hole.

My suggestion, never ever look at an ezine article for golf stuff. Whoever wrote it doesn’t know jack shi* about golf and it’s just information you don’t need.

My advice, stick to a natural grip. But then again, I do let you choose what grip you will finally end up using. That’s the greatest freedom of all for golfers.

How to Play the Knock Down Shot

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

In honor of the British Open we would like to pay respect to the wind-cheating knockdown 5-iron. Take a 5-iron, choke up a little; open your stance about 20 degrees; play the ball toward your back foot; shift your weight forward; have your hands pressed forward; and take the club back waist high and come down aggressively on the ball with very little wrist action. This shot can be used from under trees, from out of divot, off hardpan, off loose sand, into the wind, or when loft simply isn’t necessary. The shot will produce a low roller that will keep you out of trouble.

excerpt via steveandersongolf

The above is an excerpt from a master PGA professional. Although I have full due respect for his experience, it’s in my experience through teachers like Butch Harmon and players like Tiger Woods, that that’s NOT the right way to hit the knock-down shot. First, don’t choke. Second, don’t open your stance. And third, don’t play the ball off the back foot. Finally, fourth, do not shift your weight forward.

Choking will really choke you mentally and physically. Opening your stance will only confuse you. Playing the ball off the back foot and shifting your weight forward will only make you hit down on the ball, causing the ball to shoot up in the air.

So, just take your regular stance, play the ball in the middle, have weight balanced 50-50, and do NOT come aggressively down on the ball. Just swing nice and smooth 1/2 or 3/4.

That’s my 2 cents from the best coaches and players who have played this shot. If you don’t believe me, just go ask Tiger or Butch Harmon.

Crocodile Eats Golfer

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Crocodile Eats Golfer

Holy Cow, a crocodile easts a golfer! Well, just don’t play in areas where there are lots of crocodiles…

I can remember about 100 times where I almost died from a rattlesnake though… (that might BE more dangerous…)

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Adam Baldwin the best Celebrity Golfer

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Adam Baldwin
It turns out Adam Baldwin is the best celebrity golfer yet… not too shabby for a celebrity who has all the time in the world to play a little golf…

Here’s the rest of the list:

1. Adam Baldwin – 2.5 – from The Patriot
2. Jack Wagner – 3.5 – from General Hospital
3. Michael Jordan – 4 – NBA Basketball great
4. Craig T. Nelson – 5.6 – from “Coach” and The District
5. Randy Quaid – 6.1 – from “Independence Day” and “Days of Thunder”
6. Chris O’Donnell – 6.6 – from Batman and Robin
7. Dennis Quaid – 7 – from The Big Easy
8. Bruce McGill – 7 – from Bagger Vance
9. Thomas Gibson – 8.1 – actor from Dharma & Greg
10. Bob Newhart – 8.2 – actor from Newhart
11. Tea Leoni – 8 – from The Family Man
12. John O’Hurley – 9 – from Seinfeld
13. James Garner – 9.4 – from The Rockford Files
14. Jack Nicholson – 10.7 – actor from One Flew Over the Cucko’s Nest; The Shining
15. Scott Wolf – 10 – from Party of Five
16. Sylvester Stallone – 10 – from Rocky
17. Clint Eastwood – 11.0 – actor / director from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Dirty Harry; Unforgiven
18. Andy Garcia – 11 – from Internal Affairs
19. Robert Redford – 12 – actor from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; The Sting 12
20. Kevin Costner – 12.6 – from Dances with Wolves
21. Bill Murray – 13.4 – actor Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Lost in Translation
22. Sidney Poitier – 14.6 – actor from Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner; In the Heat of the Night
23. Joe Pesci – 14.1 – actor from Goodfellas, My Cousin Vinny
24. Richard Kind – 14.2 – actor form Spin City
25. Stephen Baldwin – 14 – from The Usual Suspects
26. Will Smith – 14 – from Men in Black
27. Rob Lowe – 14.5 – from The West Wing
28. Dennis Franz – 14.6 – from NYPD Blue
29. Sean Connery – 15.0 – actor from Goldfinger; The Hunt For Red October
30. Tom Smothers – 15.5 – from Smothers Brothers
31. Frankie Muniz – 15 – from Malcolm/Middle
32. Michael Douglas – 15.5 – from Wall Street
33. Tom Poston – 15.9 – from Newhart
34. Alan Thicke – 16 – from Growing Pains
35. Martin Sheen – 16 – from The West Wing
36. Mikhail Baryshnikov – 16 – from White Nights
37. Bruce Willis – 16 – from Die Hard
38. Steve Van Zandt – 16.2 – from The Sopranos
39. Cheryl Ladd – 16.4 – from Charlie’s Angels
40. James Wood – 16.9 – from Any Given Sunday
41. Jack Lemmon – 17 – actor from Some Like It Hot; Grumpy Old Men
42. Leslie Nielsen – 17.8 – actor from The Naked Gun
43. Kevin James – 18 – actor from King of Queens
44. Ray Romano – 18 – actor from Everybody Loves Raymond
45. Cheech Marin – 18 – from Nash Bridges
46. Dean Cain – 18 – from Lois and Clark
47. Peter Falk – 18.2 – from Columbo
48. Robert Stack – 18.4 – from Untouchables
49. Matt Damon – 20 – from Good Will Hunting
50. Catherine Zeta-Jones – 20 – from The Mask of Zorro
51. Patrick Duffy – 20.9 – from Dallas
52. Kirk Douglas – 21.4 – actor from Champion; Paths of Glory; Spartacus
53. Dennis Hopper – 21 – from Easy Rider
54. Tom Cruise – 23 – from Risky Business
55. Arnold Schwarzenegger – 24 – from The Terminator
56. Richard Crenna – 24.5 – from The Real McCoys
57. Tom Selleck – 24.7 – from Magnum P.I.
58. Richard Schiff – 25 – from West Wing
59. Catherine Bell – 32 – from JAG

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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-11

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
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Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

kickin’ it

Get “Stacked” and “Balanced”

Monday, September 10th, 2007

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I agree with getting “stacked” onto the ball but you shouldn’t have to do it un-naturally…

Anyways, the drills shown in this vid might help you, but I think it’s too confusing…honestly…

“Just grip and whack the ball” – Junger Woods

Cigarette Swing

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Cigarette Swing 1

This is not an accident that I have an unlit cigarette while hitting a golf ball. It’s actually a training tool. You don’t have use a cigarette, you can also use pens, anything that’s about 3-5 inches.

What I’ve found that the cigarette does for me when I swing with it is that:

1. Keeps me in balance. If I try to swing to hard, I will bite the cigarette with my tooth and I won’t be able to smoke it after my practice.

2. Keeps your shoulders relaxed. If your shoulders are tense, you will hit the cigarette with your shoulders on the backswing.

3. Keeps your head up for balance…. balance …. balance is everything in golf and life…

If you think I am wrong, look in the history of golf and look at Ben Hogan.  If you find a Ben Hogan’s swing without a cigarette, let me know and I will send you five dollars!

(Could be that because Ben Hogan was a chronic smoker, he’s golf swing HAD to be in BALANCE!?!)