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2010 Masters Winner Phil Mickelson and Re-cap of Masters 2010!

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Well folks, I have been actually in la-la land away from golf.  (That’s what I call life outside of golf.)

Because it rains so much here in San Francisco plus I don’t want to waste money on practice balls unless I am going to be playing often.  Anyways, I’ve started up my golf season as of couple days ago and it seems like my golf swing is still intact, I can still hit the ball really solid.

I did watch the 2010 Masters of course, that’s one of my favorite golf tournaments to watch.

You all know Phil Mickelson won the 2010 Masters and I couldn’t be happier for Phil as he’s going through personal disasters such as his wife and mother both going through breast-cancer.   He deserved to win and I wish his family wellness in getting through the cancer.

Phil did a really great job on the final round of 2010 Masters and I was really impressed how “aggressively” he played under the gun, with one notable shot under the trees on a par 5 that went about 5 feet by the pin.   Of course, he didn’t make the putt but the point is that he knew the shot and pulled it off.

What about Tiger?

I don’t think Tiger had any chance of winning as far his mental state was.  With all the stuff that has been going on with his life and whatnot, it’s definitely not going help him win any tournaments.  I believe that to play one’s best golf, you need to worry-free from personal confrontations as Tiger’s current ones.

On the other hand, I think Phil did a great job of winning the Masters while he had his own personal troubles.

What about Tiger’s closing comments?

I felt that Tiger still focused way too much on winning golf while this event was supposed to be about him being honest with the world and coming back to play golf.  Closing comments by Tiger told me that he was still about “golf” on the golf course and didn’t think he was taking things in perspective.

Rather than saying his golf round sucked and he doesn’t feel good about it, I think it might have better (more professional-life) if Tiger could have said something along the lines of, “my golf game sucked but I am glad that fans were still rooting for me and good to be back.”  Or anything positive could have been better.

I have always been a fan of Tiger’s but to me it seems like he’s not matured as a human being, he still sees life as a game like a child.   If Tiger can really see things in perspective and that he’s so lucky to make money for a living, he would start saying things “in perspective” with things in life, not just golf.

I am sure that will happen one day but I just still see the same 18-year old Tiger Woods who won the Masters, not the 34-year old professional golfer he is now with 2 kids and a wife.

And I can’t take the excuse that Tiger won’t play good golf if he starts taking things in perspective.

Overall though, I’ve also changed my perspective about golf.  Golf, no matter how you look at it, is just a luxury game for people with too much time on their hands. Nothing wrong with that but I am just saying, there are more important things in life.  If you can’t take things into perspective and get mad while playing golf, you probably shouldn’t be playing golf, maybe go take a nap on the beach.

Anyways, congratulations to Phil Mickelson, the 2010 Masters winner, I’ve enjoyed Phil’s golf game and his life maturing.   Phil deserves every bit of it, I hope he goes out and get boozed up for that. =)

Tiger’s Swing at 2009 PGA HD!

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Here’s a good shot of Tiger’s swing at the 2009 PGA.  Although he lost, there’s plenty here to see. :)

I can see why he lost, his head is dipping like 3-5 inches on the downswing instead of the usual 1-2 inches.  That’s not going to help him hit the ball perfect.

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Independence Day AT&T National Predictions!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

As of now, Michael Allen, Cameron Beckman, Anthony Kim, and Tiger Woods are tied for the lead at 9 under total.

Based on golf history and performance, I would have to say Anthony Kim (who is the defending champion) and Tiger Woods both have great chances of winning.

There’s so many great names at the top of the leaderboard this Independence Day weekend, I hope all those guys get to see the fireworks at night.  (which I am sure they will)

As for me, I will be taking a break and start a barbeque, cook up some nice tri-tip steaks, teriyaki chicken, and more goodies.

Okay, my final prediction – Tiger Woods or Anthony Kim, although I think Tiger might have an edge this weekend.  We will have to see and find out if those two end up in the final group tomorrow.  If that’s the case, Anthony Kim will have to psych out Tiger Woods for the trophy or the other way around.

Either way, I am glad two of my favorite players are at the top.

AT&T National Winner – Tiger Woods!

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Last year, Anthony Kim showed on exceptional performance at the AT&T National, winning with ease.

This year, Anthony Kim comes really close, playing with Tiger Woods in the final group of the final round.

Notables include Hunter Mahan, who shot an incredible 62 today to finish before the final groups at 12 under.

As I did predicted during the 3rd round of the AT&T National, this tournament really came down to Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim.  And I did say Tiger probably will have an edge over the last finishing holes, where he did make birdies to gain lead in the tournament.

My prediction for AT&T National earlier today also became true, as Tiger had an edge over the last couple holes of “pressure” golf.  I think Anthony Kim has come a long ways, especially during the 9-month period that Tiger was going through his knee surgery but I think he still has a long ways to go before beating Tiger head-to-head.

Of course, don’t forget Hunter Mahan, he’s been shooting awfully low scores at many tournaments.  I think every time I turn on my TV, Hunter Mahan is shooting a 62 or 63.  I am sure he will win many tournaments.

One thing is for sure, Tiger Woods is certainly back after winning 3 tournaments already this year.  It will be harder to beat him as Tiger plays more tournaments and I think he’s still not 100%, something seriously to worry about for other PGA Tour players.

I am sure Anthony Kim will beat Tiger Woods in stroke play one day though.  When that day comes, Tiger will have a good challenger to compete with.

Overall, I think everyone did a great job here, there’s a lot of veterans who are at the AT&T National this week, something I haven’t seen before.  Interesting to note that people were applauding for a war hero who was on his wheelchair as the final group walked up the 18th hole.

Congrats to Tiger Woods on his comeback 2009 and winning the 2009 AT&T National!


Watching Tiger Live at Masters!

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Well, what a weekend, I have been waiting to watch the Masters for like a year!

Tiger is of course playing this year, after winning Arnold Palmer Invitational 2 weeks ago.  Through 10 holes, Tiger is even par for the first day of the Masters, not too bad considering the fact that the very first time Tiger won Masters, he shot 4 over 40.

On the other side of the course, Chad Campbell is 9 under par with just few holes to go.  He’s certainly playing out of his shoes today.

It’s too early to tell who’s going to win Masters this year including Tiger, but there’s sure lotta great players at the top of the leaderboard including Jim Furyk, Arron Baddeley, Sean O’Hair, and Greg Norman.

Follow me as I tweet the Master live @progolferdigest.

Arnold Palmer Invitational Live at Bay Hill – Tiger Woods Wins!

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

On the 18th hole, Tiger Woods and Sean O’Hair are both tied for the lead at 4 under.

Sean O’Hair putts from about 35 feet, comes up about 3 feet short for birdie.

Next up is Zach Johnson, about 15 footer downhill for birdie… misses for a par now.

Finally, Tiger Woods from about 15 foot, uphill putt.   (15 feet 11 inches to be exact the announcer says on TV)

Boy, these guys make a LOT of money even if they don’t win the tournament.  What a feeling it is to be a PGA Tour player, making couple hundred thousand dollars just as long as you finish 54 holes and make the cut.

Tiger now putting for the win at the 18th green, this is IT!

Tiger steps back…

Tiger putts… will it go in the hole???

Tiger Woods MAKES THE PUTT on the 72nd of the tournament to WIN the tournament!

It’s over!  Tiger Woods wins his first PGA Tournament at Arnold Palmer Invitational!  Go Tiger!

What a come-back and congrats to Sean O’Hair for his effort.

Tiger Come Back, He Wins Today at the WGC!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009


Tiger Woods won today’s match play against Brendan Jones 3 & 2.  Looks like he’s back to kill the playing field again. :)

On the other hand, Padraig Harrington was beat by Pat Perez.

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Tiger Woods Coming Back Next Week for Accenture Match Play Championship 2009 in Tucson!

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Tiger Woods is coming back to play competitive golf this weekend at the 2009 Accenture Match Play Championship.

Here’s what he had said in an interview:

“One of the great things coming back,” he said last week, announcing the Accenture Match Play Championship in Tucson would mark his 2009 debut, “is my bones aren’t moving anymore.

Cool stuff, I can’t wait to see him back on TV. (or the golf course is it?)

Funny, I haven’t posted many blog posts ever since Tiger left town, I guess I will have to make a comeback too! :)

via usatoday

Here’s a video of interview:

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Tiger Woods won’t be holding a golf club until 2009!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008
Tiger Woods won't be holding a golf club until 2009!

Tiger Woods won't be holding a golf club until 2009!

It looks like Tiger Woods won’t be holding a golf club until 2009 folks.  Well, that’s what I expected after all those surgeries but the real bad news is for the PGA Tour sponsors.

With absence of Tiger Woods, TV ratings have dropped over 50% over last year.  That won’t be a big problem for most folks but for people who are sponsoring the tournaments, they are really losing 50% of their ad revenue.

What’s amazing is that a single human being can effect the TV ratings, especially when you consider the other 200 top players in the world.

Yes, most people would like to watch #1 golfer in the world, not #2 or #3.

As for waiting, I am also really tired of watching golf tournaments without Tiger.

My typical thought process when watching a major these days, “If Tiger was playing, he’s probably going to be 3 better than the field, of course leading the tournament”.

I am sure Padraig Harrington will have plenty to worry about when Tiger comes back.  In the meanwhile, he’s free to take all the freebie tournaments as he can.

Excerpt from LA Times:

“As far as swinging a club, that’s not going to happen until next year,” Woods wrote in a blog on “I just don’t have a choice. We simply don’t know what type of swelling there would be or if there would be any residual effects the next day once you start wheeling and dealing on the knee.

Without Woods, the Nielsen ratings for the last two majors were dramatically lower, despite consecutive inspiring victories by Padraig Harrington.

The PGA Championship on CBS had a final-round overnight rating of 3.0, a drop of 55% from last year when Woods won. And the final round of the British Open on ABC had an overnight rating of 3.5, a decrease of 14.6% from last year.

If the Ryder Cup on NBC can’t deliver big numbers, without Woods, it doesn’t bode well for the upcoming FedEx Cup series, in which Woods won $10 million last year.

One thing I realized though, “Tiger Woods is golf, golf is Tiger Woods“.  Without Tiger, there would be no $10 Million in prizes, we might still have boring PGA Tour pros fighting for $1 Million.

At least for the time being that Tiger Woods is breathing, we will get to be part of golf where purses are worth 10 times more than what they should be.

Video of Tiger Woods as a Junior Golfer

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

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Here’s a very interesting video of Tiger’s junior golfing life between 1 and 20.  Lol, you can take some tips on how to get your daughter/son to become a great golfing legend.