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Nick Watney Swing Analysis!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I’ve played with Nick Watney during my junior golf years many times, it’s finally good to see Nick climbing up the PGA Tour leaderboard. ¬†One thing I like about Nick is his personality, he has a pretty easy-going demeanor, perhaps why he kept going at it.

Anyways, let’s take a look at his swing and yes, it hasn’t changed much since I played with him like 15-16 years ago.

At address, Nick sets his spine angle slightly, like ever pro does, grip is a bit on the stronger side.

At takeaway, you can see that Nick extends his arms well, nicely rotated.  Perhaps his clubface is a bit closed, he might hit a bit of a draw here.

Nick looks really good here, nicely balanced.

Nice top of the backswing, everything well poised, the back facing the target.

At transition, you can see Nick moves well into his left side, a move reminiscent of Ben Hogan indeed.

At impact, Nick has squared his clubface pretty darn well, he seems to have dipped his body a bit, could be a bit more “up” but still, great impact position.

Nick extends both of his arms well after impact as seen here.

And nicely transferred weight to his left foot.

I know Nick Watney will be winning a few PGA Tour tournaments this year, don’t forget to root for him! WOOTWOOT!

Also see slow-motion video of Nick Watney’s golf swing:

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