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Swing Analysis of Jim Furyk – A Perfect Swing

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

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Here’s Jim Furyk’s perfect golf swing.

Why do I say it’s “perfect”?

If you look at Jim Furyk’s swing very carefully, you can note the following things:

1. Jim’s swing at the top of the backswing looks very unorthodox but it is very very similar to how Jack Nicklaus swung during his prime. Jack Nicklaus always advised golfers to swing in a very upright fashion, and he did say that this is great for hitting the ball high with long irons.

Mind you, Jack Nicklaus was the greatest “fade” long iron player in the history of golf and he did hit them very very high.

Now, this “upright” backswing can be seen in players like Jim Furyk, Jack Nicklaus, and John Daly from what I can remember.

This “upright” backswing can work for you or it may not. Depending on how rest of your swing is like and what your physique is like, this maybe be a good factor in your perfect swing.

2. At follow through, both of Jim’s arms are straight out, completely extended, a trait that almost all great players in the world carry including Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, etc…etc…

Now, it may look to the naked eye that Jim Furyk’s swing may look unorthodox as some say. But remember in golf, there is no such thing as “orthodox”. All golf swing concepts are made by people and not even single one can be named perfect.

Even Ben Hogan or Jack Nicklaus once said, “I hit maybe couple perfect shots in a period of year”.

The important thing to realize is that everyone has their own “perfect” swing whether others think that looks unorthodox or not.

It’s very important for you to find your own swing, a swing that can work for you whether you are playing a round for fun or you are playing for $100 per hole skins.

In this case, Jim does have a “perfect” swing which I have admired over the years and amazed at how low he can go under tournament pressure.

Next time you see a golfer with a bad swing and a bad grip on the course, be aware, he maybe the best golfer you ever played with.