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Ernie Els Swing Analysis!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Well, I haven’t done much swing analysis for years but let me start it up again, we can never learn enough from the pros.

Check out Ernie Els here.  Although he hasn’t been doing much lately with golf world, he has one of the best “big-man” swings in the world.

At address, you can see Ernie Els looks very comfortable, knees bent a bit, nicely balanced and hands freely hanging from his shoulders.

At take away, you can see that all Ernie did was rotate 90 degrees to the right with his triangle formed by the shoulders, arms, and hands.  Also notice that his clubface is perpendicular to the ground, perfect takeaway.  You will want to copy this exact move.

From takeaway, Ernie will take it up a bit upright to his true swing plane.  This is what David Leadbetter teaches (preachs).

At the top of his swing, you can see Earnie’s perfect in-align with his true swing plane and notice that his club is also parallel to his feet and target line.

From here, all Earnie can do is hit the ball straight and far.

Half way down, you see Earnie’s dropped his arms hands beneath the swing plane.  This is perfectly fine for an inside-out hit.

Right before takeaway, you see Ernie has delayed his wrist cock till the last minute and “notice” his clubface is still perpendicular to the ground.  This is an “ideal” position for just before impact.

Gotta love this position where, Ernie’s both arms are almost extended fully while matching his swing plane.  Did you know that on a full shot, your hands actually come up a bit due to centripetal force applied?  This is why the swing plane is matching the impact.

This is also important to see, after impact.  You see how Ernie’s clubs are slight outside the swing plane?  This means that Ernie just swung about 2-3 degrees inside-out, which is what you want to maximum accuracy and power.

Ernie Els finishes up his swing nicely on his left.  Indeed, Ernie has a couple majors to win soon, I am sure counting on him! :)

Ernie Els Driver Down-the-line Swing Analysis

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Ernie Els Driver Down-the-line Swing Analysis

Ernie Els dubbed “Big Easy”, does have one of the best swings in golf and here’ why.