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Brian Davis Golf Swing Analysis

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Brian Davis is one of those players who’s been playing the PGA Tour for many years now but hasn’t won any tournaments.  Of course, I think he’s having the best year so far this year, putting himself into a playoff with Jim Furyk in a playoff earlier this year.

I think Brian Davis will do well the rest of the year.  What I am impressed most is his iron swing such as this one he used to force a playoff with Jim Furyk:

At address, Brian Davis looks nicely balanced for this “pressure”-type shot.

You can see a nice, connected takeaway here.

At the top, you can see that Brian Davis is in-line with his swing plane and note how well extended his arms are.   You can see that his hands, arms, and shoulders form a “triangle”.  I love this position.

At impact, Brian actually “drops” a lot of his body but still manages to hit the ball well.  Dipping at impact is okay as long as you don’t over do it.

I love how Brian Davis finishes almost straight up, this is not only good for your golf swing, it’s really great for your back so you can play golf longer than others who finish with a curve.

I bet you Brian Davis wins a PGA Tour by end of this year, go Brian!