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Retief Goosen in the Lead at the World Golf Championship!

Thursday, July 31st, 2008
Retief Goosen in the Lead at the World Golf Championship!

Retief Goosen in the Lead at the World Golf Championship!

Retief Goosen is in the lead at the World Golf Championships this week.  At 4 under par, it’s hard to tell whether that will keep up by the end of the day as Steve Stricker is about to finish with some more birdies.

My predictions for this week’s winner?

Well, I have no predictions really this week as there’s so many great players playing.  If I had to put some bets, I might have it on Andy Kim, Kenny Perry, or maybe Retief Goosen.

My prediction is that either a multi-PGA Tour winner this year or a hiding veteran player like Retief will win it.

Is this 4th major?

No, of course not, the course is too easy if the leader is shooting 4 under par.  WGC cannot be considered a major until the courses are made way tougher.

Michelle Wie Playing in the Reno Tahoe Open

Monday, July 28th, 2008
Michelle Wie Playing in the Reno Tahoe Open

Michelle Wie Playing in the Reno Tahoe Open

It’s a wonder that Michelle Wie hasn’t won an LPGA Tournament.  Perhaps, Michelle Wie is not Tiger Woods of women’s golf or at least until she proves otherwise.

After the bad break of being disqualified at her last LPGA tournament, Michelle Wie will be playing in the men’s PGA Tour event coming this weekend at the Reno Tahoe Open.

Of course, most of the top players in the world won’t be there as they will be at Firestone Country Club to play the World Golf Championship.

Still, I wish Michelle Wie the best of luck beating the men at Reno Tahoe Open.   It’s going to be near impossible I’d say since she’s not used to playing longer golf courses with much tougher competition.  Even Annika Sorenstam, the former #1 player of the world for couple decades, failed to make a cut on the PGA Tour.

The point is not that a woman can make a cut on the PGA Tour but the fact of life is that men do hit the ball longer by nature and it’s certainly not fair for the women to play from the same tees.

If Michelle Wie makes the cut this weekend, that might start a whole new plethora of LPGA tour pros who might start asking for sponsor’s exemptions to play on the PGA Tour.

Go figure, if I were her, I’d concentrate on making the LPGA Tour first.  You can always play with the men but you don’t get infinite number of sponsor exemptions even with the LPGA.

Crap, Michelle Wie should have finished top 5 last week.  LPGA Officials can take their stupid rules and shove it somewhere I guess.

Shirtless, Shoeless Interview with John Daly!

Monday, July 28th, 2008

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Here’s an interview from long time ago with John Daly shirtless and shoeless hitting great drives.

Chez Reavie Driver Swing Analysis!

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Chez Reavie Driver Swing Analysis!

Here’s a driver swing analysis of today’s Canadian Open winner, Chez Reavie.

At address, Chez really stands tall, almost falling backwards but this is preferable way to swing than “crouching” over the ball.

At takeaway, Chez gets a little too inside but not too bad.

Chez gets really flat at this point due to his upright address but this is fine.

At the top, Chez gets back on-plane as seen here.

Half-way down, you can tell, Chez is in great position to hit the ball with the club inside the plane.

Impact looks perfect.

After impact, Chez gets back on perfect plane, sign of great drives.

The finish.

Here’s Chez Reavie’s swing in slow motion:

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Congrats to today’s Candian Open win and your first Chez! :)

Swing Thoughts

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Today, I hit the ball great again.  I didn’t start hitting the ball great until I could control the length of my backswing.  You see, overswinging causes me to slide my whole body to the right and by controlling my backswing, I was able to control my swing better, thus hit straighter shots online to the target.

So today’s key:

Swing within myself, do not overswing!

More Swing Thoughts!

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Remember my post on swing thoughts the other day?

Well, today I had another great swing day and have one more modification:

Think more about the process of keeping your upper spine very vertical on the downswing and also think more about the downswing process and let the backswing dictate itself.

What I mean is that you want to be really thinking about the end result, which is good follow-through.  Once you get a good follow-through going, your backswing will naturally follow that path.  It’s never the other way around, similar to hitting bunker shots.

Re-cap of British Open and Predictions

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

(Greg Norman says Good-bye to spectators while he uses the Time Machine for the 1st three rounds)

The amazing part about this week is that I actually did predict for “Padraig Harrington” 2 days before the tournament even started:

With British Open coming up, players like Padraig Harrington will be at advantage as they get to play the course more often than American players.

Congrats to Padraig and here’s a re-cap of British Open while I went Norman-crazy:

After Round 1 – Will Greg Norman Win It? – It’s a funny question but he did win it for the next 2 days after that.

After Round 2 – Go Greg Norman! – Wow, Greg IS playing good.

After Round 3 – Greg Norman Leads by 2! – Yeah, it’s not that easy to end up here.

After Round 4 – Greg Norman doesn’t win, but he’s got more to show! – Yeah, it seems like Greg Norman hopped on a time machine, he’s probably got 3-5 more majors left.

Well, those are my predicitions for Greg Norman, let’s see what happens.

Greg Norman “doesn’t” win the British Open, but watch out…

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Greg Norman doesn’t win the British Open today but it was a exciting 1st 3 rounds watching one of my golfing heroes battle it out at 53 years old.

What’s amazing is that Greg has just broke through his 15-year old dryspell of bad rounds.  Heck, he is now officially playing the next year’s Masters.

If Greg Norman practiced before this week’s Open, he might have won by 5 or 10 shots.  Even with Tiger Woods around, he probably would have won for sure.

Now, it’s up to Greg Norman to believe in himself again and win couple more majors before he really “retires” from major golf.

The same couldn’t be said about Rocco Mediate because it’s different.

Heck, Greg Norman is capable of breaking any of that old-age records.  He just proved it to us.

Maybe his last round 77 wasn’t one of his best but I will be waiting for some more top finishes from the former #1 golfer of the world.

Congrats to the winner but I think Greg Norman probably “won” in his terms, outlasted every one of the best golfers of the world.

I look forward to couple more 54-hole leads on Sunday from Greg.

Greg Norman Leads British Open by 2 – About to Become the Oldest Player to win a Major!

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Wow, what a tournament.  I just finished watching the 3rd round of British Open as Greg Norman finishes up with a 2 shot lead and a 72 today.

What impressed me wasn’t the fact that he is 53 years old, it’s the fact that he’s able to turn back time to his 1986 Turnberry British Open championship.

I know if this was the Masters, Greg Norman wouldn’t have a good chance going into the final round but in this case, with Norman 2 shots ahead, it’s as good as in the bag.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Greg Norman eventually wins by 5-7 shots tomorrow.  He might be old but he’s still more in shape than most 30 year olds.  Plus, he knows how to win a British Open.

Well, I hope I am not wrong tomorrow and let’s see one of our favorite golfers win one of his last majors tomorrow.

Go Greg Norman!

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Remember my post on Greg Norman’s first round?  Well, it seems like he’s hit another even par and at the top of the leaderboard, one behind K.J. Choi.

Another great news is that David Duval is doing good.  He’s been slacking the last couple years but it seems like he’s getting his game back on his favorite golf tournament.

I still would like to see Greg Norman set the world record for the oldest man in history of golf to win a major.

Is it possible?

Yes, I think the way Greg Norman’s mindset is, it’s going to work.

Before, Greg used to put too much pressure on himself and pretty much beat himself.  As long as he doesn’t do that and I don’t think he will, he should be able to come up at this year’s British Open.

Go Greg Norman! :)