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Vijay Singh and Sergio Garcia battle it out at the Barclays FedEx Cup Playoff!

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Vijay Singh wins the FedEx Cup at Barclays by beating Sergio Garcia in a playoff.

He does it in style by making two consecutive birdies at hole 18 and 17 while Sergio Garcia makes one birdie but comes up short on number 17 with an errant drive and errant lay-up shot while Vijay is on the green in two.

I think it was a great finish by both players although I would have loved it if Sergio Garcia came through.

Unfortunately, Sergio Garcia seemed to have got the worst of luck this year, losing almost every tournament that he should have won.

Congratulations to both Vijay and Sergio, you guys both deserve some loud round of applause.

Danny Lee and Drew Kittleson at the Finals of 2008 U.S. Amateur!

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

I enjoyed watching the two youngsters, Danny Lee and Drew Kittleson battle out their semi-final match-play rounds at the 2008 U.S. Amateur today.

It will be an exciting finish tomorrow as we will see who wins the 2008 U.S. Amateur.  For the record, if Danny Lee wins, he will become the youngest player to ever win the U.S. Amateur.

Overall, I am impressed how well these 18 year olds can play and the winner will probably play the PGA Tour.

My vote goes to Danny Lee this week since he is the #1 ranked amateur in the world currently.

But you never know as the U.S. Amateur is match play and couple birdies can make up a lot.

LPGA Pro Natalie Gulbis has a blog!

Friday, August 15th, 2008
LPGA Pro Natalie Gulbis has a blog!

LPGA Pro Natalie Gulbis has a blog!

Well, it turns out LPGA Tour pro Natalie Gulbis has her own blog where she writes as often as she can.

She hasn’t really won any big tournaments lately but since I am a fan, I hope she does soon.

Check out here latest blog posts here.

One thing I notice though was that Natalie must have some good webmasters.  (Take a look at Tiger’s website, it’s all in flash and so SEO-not-friendly.  Whoever did Tiger Wood’s website must be one of the worst webmasters ever.  Even I could do it much much better)

Tiger Woods won’t be holding a golf club until 2009!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008
Tiger Woods won't be holding a golf club until 2009!

Tiger Woods won't be holding a golf club until 2009!

It looks like Tiger Woods won’t be holding a golf club until 2009 folks.  Well, that’s what I expected after all those surgeries but the real bad news is for the PGA Tour sponsors.

With absence of Tiger Woods, TV ratings have dropped over 50% over last year.  That won’t be a big problem for most folks but for people who are sponsoring the tournaments, they are really losing 50% of their ad revenue.

What’s amazing is that a single human being can effect the TV ratings, especially when you consider the other 200 top players in the world.

Yes, most people would like to watch #1 golfer in the world, not #2 or #3.

As for waiting, I am also really tired of watching golf tournaments without Tiger.

My typical thought process when watching a major these days, “If Tiger was playing, he’s probably going to be 3 better than the field, of course leading the tournament”.

I am sure Padraig Harrington will have plenty to worry about when Tiger comes back.  In the meanwhile, he’s free to take all the freebie tournaments as he can.

Excerpt from LA Times:

“As far as swinging a club, that’s not going to happen until next year,” Woods wrote in a blog on “I just don’t have a choice. We simply don’t know what type of swelling there would be or if there would be any residual effects the next day once you start wheeling and dealing on the knee.

Without Woods, the Nielsen ratings for the last two majors were dramatically lower, despite consecutive inspiring victories by Padraig Harrington.

The PGA Championship on CBS had a final-round overnight rating of 3.0, a drop of 55% from last year when Woods won. And the final round of the British Open on ABC had an overnight rating of 3.5, a decrease of 14.6% from last year.

If the Ryder Cup on NBC can’t deliver big numbers, without Woods, it doesn’t bode well for the upcoming FedEx Cup series, in which Woods won $10 million last year.

One thing I realized though, “Tiger Woods is golf, golf is Tiger Woods“.  Without Tiger, there would be no $10 Million in prizes, we might still have boring PGA Tour pros fighting for $1 Million.

At least for the time being that Tiger Woods is breathing, we will get to be part of golf where purses are worth 10 times more than what they should be.

Bob Heintz’s Wishes May Come True This Weekend!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008
Bob Heintz's Wishes May Come True This Weekend!

Bob Heintz's Wishes May Come True This Weekend!

You’ve probably never heard of Bob Heintz or the fact that Heinz ketchup is actually spelled without the t.

The fact is that Bob Heintz has been trying to gain fans so he can enjoy his round more.

Of course, you need to score great scores week-in and week-out on the PGA Tour to accomplish that.

Today, Bob Heintz did just that, attracting about 50 fans to follow his partner who is a local amateur.

Of course, if Bob Heintz keeps shooting 63s for the rest of the weekend, it will be possible that one of Bob’s wishes may come true.

Quoting from interview today:

“I said, ‘I imagine y’all are here to watch Drew, right?’” Heintz said. “They kind of laughed and felt bad that they weren’t there to watch me. I relayed to them that one of my career goals was to get where I’m good enough where someone might actually go to a golf course, pick up a pairing sheet and say, ‘I’ll follow Bob Heintz’s group today.’

“That’s kind of a vague career goal, but they started to tease me about that as the day went on — ‘I guess I’ll follow you now.’ I’d rather have attention than, you know, have nobody know who I was.”

Yes, the hardest fact of life on the PGA Tour is not that everyone who qualified makes at least $100K/year.  But the fact that if you don’t finish near the top, no one will ever notice you.

How cruel is that if you were a PGA Tour member most of your life, only to have no one notice you when you retire?

Of course, those spotlights are reserved for players like Tiger Woods but still, professional golf is a mirror-image of our capitalist society.  In order for you to be happy at what you do, you need to be near the top whether that’s golf or business.

Now, I really want this Bob Heintz guy to win this weekend.  Before today, I didn’t even know he’s a PGA Tour player!

David Duval Swing Analysis!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

If you are new to golf, you’ve probably never heard of David Duval.  But for me, he’s the #1 or #2 golfer of all-time in the 90s.

For whatever reason that David Duval has not been winning again, let’s take a look at his swing from Doral in 1997 to see what made him “tick”.

One thing I really like about David Duval is the way he finishes his swing with his back straight.  This is really good for painless-back golf.

On the takeaway, David Duval looks pretty good.

At top of his swing, David is in perfect plane.

Between his backswing and downswing, you can clearly tell that David is really transferring his weight back to the left.

Also notice that his head is actually turning towards the target at impact.  David Duval is the only other professional golfer I know who lets his head move freely during impact other than Annika Sorenstam.

I believe this head move can actually help the golfer hit the ball better if done right.  But if you simply move your head at impact, it will probably make you chop the ball more times than not.  To do it right, try following the golf ball as it takes off.

Watch David Duval’s wonderful wind-up finish.  He’s almost wind-up too much but you get the idea here.

Hopefully David Duval does recover from his long-term winning draught.  I have seen signs of him playing better lately at the British Open where he finishes Top 10 for the first 2 days.  Time will tell whether David Duval is able to come back to competitive golf or not but he’s still a British Open champ.

David Duval Links

David Duval Offical Profile at

David Duval on Wikipedia

Here’s David Duval’s Swing from Doral Open in 97:

Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode

Segio Garcia finishes 2nd yet again while Padraig Harrington picks up his Back-to-Back PGA Championship!

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Padraig Harrington picks up his back-to-back major championship, the PGA Championship and the Birtish Open.

Meanwhile, Sergio Garcia was in the lead most of the day until the 16th hole, where he put his 2nd shot in the lateral hazard where the green is surrounded mostly by water.  His bogey there might have cost him the championship as Sergio did not make a bogey until that point. (He was at 4 under until 16th hole)

Padraig Harrington picks up a clutch-win here with 1-putts on 16, 17, and 18th hole.  His putter has found him another win while his driving was erratic during the last couple holes.

For the final round, Padraig Harrington shoots a 3-under (4-under for today) and Sergio Garcia shoots a 1-under(2-under today).

Even though Sergio Garcia didn’t win today, it was still a very good score on this course anytime you shoot under par.

Vijay Singh gets on the Winner’s Train again!

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

(Photo Credit:

After what seems like an infinite run of winning-droughts, Vijay Singh has pulled another win out of his pockets in style at the World Golf Championships with top 25 players in the world all competing agianst him.  While Tiger was not there, Vijay seems to have took care of business.(as usual)

The former Master winner will be back on the winning-train officially.  We should expect him to win couple more majors in the next few years.

Click to Enlarge Scorecard:

Parker McLachlin Iron Swing Analysis

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Let’s take a look at Parker McLachlin’s iron swing, the winning swing of Reno Tahoe Open.  (Too bad Michelle Wie didn’t make the cut AGAIN!)

At takeaway, notice that Parker’s clubface is actually pointing down at the ground, a little too closed.   This causes lots of pulls and balls that will start left and go left.  It’s best to have rotated a little more here for crisp contact.

At half-way, Parker looks pretty good.

At top of his swing, Parker is in perfect plane.

At half-way down, Parker looks great.

After impact, Parker is slightly outside the plane, meaning he swung slightly inside-out.  Very good stuff.

Parker may have a pretty good swing and he has won a PGA Tour event to prove it with a round of 10 under on Friday of 62.

Here’s Parker McLachlin’s iron swing in slow motion:

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Michelle Wie Playing the Reno Tahoe Open!

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Michelle Wie Playing in the Reno Tahoe Open

Well, the biggest news this week is probably the fact that Michelle Wie is playing a PGA tournament, that of Reno Tahoe Open against over 100 best players in the world.

Well, they may not be the best players considering that the World Golf Championships are going on, but still, you’d kill to even play one of those events.

The weirdest part is that I wasn’t rooting for Michelle Wie after I heard that she will be playing this week.

Well it gets weirder as now I want Michelle Wie to play good and make the cut.

As weird as that sounds, you may be thinking the same thing, rooting for something that looks impossible just like Tiger won the U.S. Open this year on his impossible knees, or the fact that Greg Norman held 54-hole lead at the Open.

Whatever the case, this week is probably the most important for golfers for Wie to play well, or at least keep up to her early reputation as the future-Tiger of LPGA.

Follow Michelle Wie hole by hole over at