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Lesson with Butch Harmon

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Lesson with Butch Harmon

Yes, you can get a lesson withat Rio Secco, Henderson, Nevada, which is about 20 minute drive from theairport. Although slighltly costly, you can get a lesson with Butch, former teacher of Tigerand currentforPhilly Mickelson.

check out his school info here.

John Daly’s Official Website

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

I always get confused since I live near John Daly Blvd., in Daly City. It’s like John Daly has a city named after him….NOT!

Well, it’s good I still live in San Francisco but very close to the infamouse John Daly Blvd….

Check John Daly’s site for his cool swings!

Steve Elkington’s Stack and Tilt

Monday, September 10th, 2007

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Wow, check out Steve Elkington’s stack and tilt swing. It seems like this is what some of the pros have been doing after all along… This helps you to actually transfer your weight before starting your downswing, something Ben Hogan used to do…

Stack and Tilt?

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Stack and Tilt 1Stack and Tilt 2

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Check out Aaron Baddeley’s new Stack and Tilt swing. (I know, I’ve haven’t been watching TV nor read GolfDigest lately…)

we call it the Stack & Tilt Swing. Keeping your weight on your front foot is the simplest way to control where the club hits the ground, which is the first fundamental of hitting the ball. Golfers who shift to the right on the backswing have to make precisely the same shift back to the left by impact. That complicated maneuver is the biggest source of frustration in the game today.

via golfdigest

Today’s swing – The 7-iron 165 yard “Knock-down” Shot

Monday, September 10th, 2007

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It’s a nice little knockdown, my swing looks horrible by the way… but a great little tool for those pressure situations.

A knock-down-shot is basically a slightly shorter backswing and shorter follow-through for distance and arc control.

Arc is the arc of the golf ball. Basically, a knock-down-shot is a knock down because the arc will be much lower than a regular full shot.

But if you can hit this shot well, it’s really easy to hit all the time…

Anyone up for $100 a hole?

Cigarette Swing

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Cigarette Swing 1

This is not an accident that I have an unlit cigarette while hitting a golf ball. It’s actually a training tool. You don’t have use a cigarette, you can also use pens, anything that’s about 3-5 inches.

What I’ve found that the cigarette does for me when I swing with it is that:

1. Keeps me in balance. If I try to swing to hard, I will bite the cigarette with my tooth and I won’t be able to smoke it after my practice.

2. Keeps your shoulders relaxed. If your shoulders are tense, you will hit the cigarette with your shoulders on the backswing.

3. Keeps your head up for balance…. balance …. balance is everything in golf and life…

If you think I am wrong, look in the history of golf and look at Ben Hogan.  If you find a Ben Hogan’s swing without a cigarette, let me know and I will send you five dollars!

(Could be that because Ben Hogan was a chronic smoker, he’s golf swing HAD to be in BALANCE!?!)


Sunday, September 9th, 2007


Here’s an example of going outside my plane. As discussed in the previous post about Tiger’s plane, it seems here that I am on my way to hitting the ball with a 50 yard slice here. This is what NOT to do…

The Simple Natural Golf Grip

Sunday, September 9th, 2007


As mentioned in the previous post, you need to first have both of your hands opposing each other like shown in the picture above. (kinda like a prayer…)

Grip 2

Then, simply just grip the club without twisting or unnecessary actions.

WARNING: This grip is good for people with neutral golf swing, a natural golf swing.  If you are a chronic hooker, this might help you, if you are a chrnonic slicer, don’t even try it dude.

Leave a comment if you like my grip. :)

Jonathan Byrd in contention, well in the lead

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Although I’ve been so out of golf lately, I will try to come back starting with some TV. Well, haven’t watched TV in 2 years but maybe I will start watching some golf…

Anways, check out Jonathan Byrd’s scorecard. Not flawless but 8 steady birdies kept him goin’ after that bogie on the 2nd hole. So, the lesson today?

The lesson today is that no matter how bad you play the first couple holes, you never know if you are going to end up making 8 birdies and shoot 7 under.

Simple enough. I am tired… of bloggin’ and making new websites.

Since no posts today, check out our new site and, all created within last 3 days… I AM tired! (need to hit the links VERY soon and shoot 3 under…hopefully…NOT!)

Tiger Woods eligible for almost $1 billion for his retirement

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Tiger Woods eligible for almost $1 billion for his retirement

Great news is that Tiger Woods will be eligible for $1 billion in retirement money, the bad news is that we still have hungry homeless people…

haha, I wish I could make 1% of this much… that’d make my day without even asking for retirement…

Woods, the world’s greatest golfer has the world’s greatest employer funded retirement package. How great?

If Woods keeps winning at his current rate, enjoys a nine percent annual return and captures just seven FedEx Cups in his career, he could reach $1 billion in retirement payouts courtesy of the PGA Tour Inc.

via kottke