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PING Hoofer Golf Bag Review!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009


Even after I turned pro, my favorite golf bag is still the PING Hoofer bag.  it’s been part of my golfing career ever since PING came out with it 10+ years ago.

I am not a really fan of ugly, oversized PING golf clubs, but I am an avid fan of their golf bags since like 1992.

I got my Hoofer bag back in around 1998 I think and it still looks new and definitely recommended over all other stand-up bags out on the market today.

The simplicity of PING bag stands never break and will stand well on any slopes on the golf course whereas other stand-up bags I’ve had either fell or broke within couple months of use.

Another feature of PING hoofer bags is that they are super-light, lighter than most other stand-up bags out there.

Hoofer bag’s double strap is also great for your shoulders and very, very comfortable.

If you are thinking about buying a new golf bag, I highly recommend this PING Hoofer bag, no exceptions!

Price: $189.95 on Amazon

Swing Keys on My PING Bag

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

My Bag1

Remember I said I wrote down 3 swing keys the other day when I hit the ball so great? Well above is the picture of it.

My Bag12

Well, I had an even better ball striking day so I had to add two more keys which are:

4. Longer Followthrough – meaning as long as your followthrough is longer than your backswing, you won’t de-accelerate and have any of those shanky problems.

5. Rhythm – meaning you need a smooth flowing swing. Think of Freddy Couple’s swing before you hit your shot.

I am ready to try out for the mini-tours again!  My swing looks bad but I can hit it where I need to score.