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Free Golf Handicap Calculator!

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post.

For those of you learning golf and you want to keep a track of your golf handicap, you might want to check out, a free golf handicap service for golfers who want to keep track of their scores and handicap.

As for myself, I’ve actually stopped using my local NCGA handicap membership, because you have to pay $75 every year to use it. While that’s not a lot of money, I also don’t really need the service because I can use a free/cheaper golf handicap calculators such as this one.  NCGA membership does have benefits like discount on NCGA membership courses but I never play them anyways. has pretty much every course you can find in the world through its database as you can see in the above screenshot and also auto-fills the par-rating for what tee you played off.  This is neat feature since it’s less work for me.

Also, you can make your own list of your favorite courses like I did here:

(Yup, my friend’s a member at Olympic Club!  It’s good to have friends there.)

For those of you who don’t know what “par rating” is – Every golf course in the world has a “par rating”, which pretty much says how hard the golf course is so you can make the most accurate comparison between playing a really hard course versus the easy one.  Without this, you couldn’t really compare handicaps among golfers, you could have a 3 handcap on an easy course but that could translate to 10 handicap on a much tougher course without handicap.

Above screenshot shows instantly what your handicap is and your average score.   These numbers were just entered randomly by myself by the way just to check out how quickly it would give me my handicap.

Also, the USGA handicap system is a bit more complicated, I remember waiting days to update my handicap after I shot a really low round.  There’s no need to waiting with

There’s also a cool graphical stats you can see with a bar graph so you can visualize your golf handicap changes by year or even monthly.

If you are just starting out with golf and you don’t track your golf scores, it’s probably a good idea to start doing so as tracking your scores is one key to improving them.

If you can’t track it, you don’t know where you’ve been and where you are going.

Also, features REAL handicap, where you can adjust couple strokes on every couple you play, this is ideal because par ratings aren’t always accurate but this REAL handicap feature allows you to adjust your handicap more accurately.  This can come in handy for beginners.

Overall, I highly recommend as it’s free or only costs $9.99/year for their premium service, and you can get instant feedback on your golf scores.

You can check it out here at



2010 U.S. Open Winner?

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

So, today’s the final round of the biggest golf tournament, here’s the current standings after the 3rd round:

Dustin Johnson -6
Graeme McDowell -3
Tiger Woods -1
Ernie Els E
Gregory Havret E
Phil Mickelson +1
Ryo Ishikawa +3
Alex Cejka +3
Tim Clark +3

My bet? Will go with the veterans who have won U.S. Open before, either Tiger Woods or Ernie Els, and maybe Phil Mickelson if he plays like he did in the second round, shooting a 66.

Of course, Dustin Johnson has won AT&T Pro Am multiple times on this same Pebble Beach golf course but I have hard time believing that he can win under different U.S. Open tournament conditions and pressures, especially Sunday will not be same as the previous 3 rounds.   I think Dustin Johnson does have a really good chance if he can pull off just even par for the day but I have hard time believing that he could come through the last round U.S. Open tournament pressures. BUT, let’s not count him out as Dustin Johnson IS leading the tournament by 3 strokes and has been playing rather well on one of the hardest golf courses.

I really think Tiger has the best chance to win especially considering that he did win last year’s U.S. Open on one leg, that’s something you can’t deny. After all the stuff media has blasted about Tiger’s personal life, I would really like to see him in the winner’s circle today.

Well, these are just my predictions, we will see how it goes and find out in the next 10 hours who the real winner is.

U.S. Open iPhone App Now Available!

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

U.S. Open app is available on the iPhone for those of you who have iPhones. Get it here

If you are working on the weekends or simply don’t have time to watch golf (because you rather be playing golf than watching TV), this app could help you stay updated to the current scores at the U.S. Open.

via techblog

Watch U.S. Open Live Online!

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

You know today is the start of one of the toughest, biggest tournaments in the world, the U.S. Open.
Well, you can watch U.S. Open live online, thanks to the USGA, go here.

My bet will goto an underdog player or one of the Top 5 players in the world this week, who’s your favorite?

Yeah, i shot 80…

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Yeah, I shot 80 the other day, after telling you I was going to break 75 for the first time this year.

But at least I am being honest.

So, I bogeyed the first par 5, double-bogeyed the next three holes, then managed to make two birdies and couples more bogies for a tally of 42 on the front and 38 on the back for an 80.

Although this comes to me a rather huge disappointment let me tell you exactly why it wasn’t.

You see, I was struggling with my own swing on the golf course, and thus I didn’t score well in the beginning.   After the couple first bad holes, I actually started hitting the ball really well, on a good swing thought, that is to focus on the takeaway.

After the first couple bad holes, I did get on a train of pretty good holes, finished with like 1-over for the rest of 13-14 holes.

I know, this round probably discredits myself from teaching you anything but I am being honest here.   I did finish the rest of round pretty good, and I couldn’t find my golf shoes so I played again in my slippery skateboard shoes.

On the back nine, I did hit some excellent tee shots, approach shots, and just failed to convert some short putts into birdies while making some terrible duck hook irons on the par 3s, which I duffed a shot or two.

Anyways, the point is, to play good golf, you need to play 1 shot at a time AND BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.

On the 3rd hole, I took a 2-stroke penalty because I thought I had lost my golf ball except I found it on the next hole (which comes back).   I could have took just one stroke penalty but wanted to be “hard” with myself.

In all, I did find my swing so I am pretty darn confident that the next time I go out, I can shoot somewhere near par or better.

Well, that’s all for today folks, honesty pays in golf, be true to your golf scores and eventually they will pay off.

Otherwise, you are only cheating yourself and yes, I shot an 80 for godsakes, that’s not what pro-golfers do on :)

2010 Masters Winner Phil Mickelson and Re-cap of Masters 2010!

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Well folks, I have been actually in la-la land away from golf.  (That’s what I call life outside of golf.)

Because it rains so much here in San Francisco plus I don’t want to waste money on practice balls unless I am going to be playing often.  Anyways, I’ve started up my golf season as of couple days ago and it seems like my golf swing is still intact, I can still hit the ball really solid.

I did watch the 2010 Masters of course, that’s one of my favorite golf tournaments to watch.

You all know Phil Mickelson won the 2010 Masters and I couldn’t be happier for Phil as he’s going through personal disasters such as his wife and mother both going through breast-cancer.   He deserved to win and I wish his family wellness in getting through the cancer.

Phil did a really great job on the final round of 2010 Masters and I was really impressed how “aggressively” he played under the gun, with one notable shot under the trees on a par 5 that went about 5 feet by the pin.   Of course, he didn’t make the putt but the point is that he knew the shot and pulled it off.

What about Tiger?

I don’t think Tiger had any chance of winning as far his mental state was.  With all the stuff that has been going on with his life and whatnot, it’s definitely not going help him win any tournaments.  I believe that to play one’s best golf, you need to worry-free from personal confrontations as Tiger’s current ones.

On the other hand, I think Phil did a great job of winning the Masters while he had his own personal troubles.

What about Tiger’s closing comments?

I felt that Tiger still focused way too much on winning golf while this event was supposed to be about him being honest with the world and coming back to play golf.  Closing comments by Tiger told me that he was still about “golf” on the golf course and didn’t think he was taking things in perspective.

Rather than saying his golf round sucked and he doesn’t feel good about it, I think it might have better (more professional-life) if Tiger could have said something along the lines of, “my golf game sucked but I am glad that fans were still rooting for me and good to be back.”  Or anything positive could have been better.

I have always been a fan of Tiger’s but to me it seems like he’s not matured as a human being, he still sees life as a game like a child.   If Tiger can really see things in perspective and that he’s so lucky to make money for a living, he would start saying things “in perspective” with things in life, not just golf.

I am sure that will happen one day but I just still see the same 18-year old Tiger Woods who won the Masters, not the 34-year old professional golfer he is now with 2 kids and a wife.

And I can’t take the excuse that Tiger won’t play good golf if he starts taking things in perspective.

Overall though, I’ve also changed my perspective about golf.  Golf, no matter how you look at it, is just a luxury game for people with too much time on their hands. Nothing wrong with that but I am just saying, there are more important things in life.  If you can’t take things into perspective and get mad while playing golf, you probably shouldn’t be playing golf, maybe go take a nap on the beach.

Anyways, congratulations to Phil Mickelson, the 2010 Masters winner, I’ve enjoyed Phil’s golf game and his life maturing.   Phil deserves every bit of it, I hope he goes out and get boozed up for that. =)

Rooting for James Hahn at Q-School!

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Well, today is the last day of PGA Tour’s Q-school, the Top 25 finishers will qualify to play in the next year’s PGA Tour events.

Of the players at Q-school, I know two guys who I have played with, James Hahn and Scott Gordon.

Well, Scott Gordon isn’t going to make it it looks like but James Hahn is playing quite well, currently at 9 under par, tied for 25th.

He’s on the 16th hole now, if he can make one more birdie, he can surely secure his PGA Tour card for next year.

Let me tell you about this young man James Hahn, he is a very good golfer.  James Hahn used to win like every other junior golf tournament he played in when I was a junior golfer.

If he makes it through in couple hours (which I believe he will), I bet he will start winning some PGA Tour events, very talented young man.

Well, crossing my fingers, good luck buddy!

DIY Parachute Golf Balls to Full Shot Practice!

Friday, November 20th, 2009


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I’ve seen a handful of golf ball gadgets for short-range practice but these homemade parachute golf balls are the most innovative and ones that could let you feel a real golf ball while not breaking your neighbor’s windows.  Brilliant!

1 Axis 1 Plane Golf Swing Coming Soon!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Recently, I have been hitting the golf ball awfully well and I have developed a new type of golf swing that I termed “1 Axis 1 Plane” golf swing, which basically uses 1 axis and 1 plane.

The golf swing theory is one I have developed while studying pro golfers like Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods, and all those great players out there.

This 1 axis/1 plane golf swing will allow beginners/advanced golfers to hit the golf ball more consistently.

Can you imagine yourself hitting a 150-yard target over and over again for 20 straight balls?  This is the golf swing that will do that.

Well, I am just very excited because I have found this method from trial and error through practice but shortly I will post details on how you can develop this simple golf swing too.

Another bonus about this new golf swing is that it puts less strain on your lower back (meaning you will be able to keep using it even if you turn 100) AND you won’t have to bang thousands of balls to keep it consistent.

I have always realized that the best golf swing for an average golfer (and advanced golfers) is the one that uses minimal effort but allows you to hit the ball with near 100% efficiency.

And yes, all free on this blog, I am not going to sell some DVD or e-books like some of those other guys do. (who fill your mind with more junk anyways)

I just feel the golfing world is filled with too much junk such as “keeping the left arm straight” or “keep the head still”.  These too common golfing advices often lead to more tension in your golf swing and plus, they don’t actually help on the golf course, where you need to hit well under pressure.

I believe a golf swing should be effortless, pain-free, and best of all, don’t require some ridiculous golfing gadget to get it right.

Is this a new golf swing?

No, it’s not a new golf swing, it’s simply a golf swing theory using the most “simplest” and “efficient” ways to swing a golf club.  I just hope it will help you to swing the golf club better with less effort.

Well, I will post some simple exercises and photos on it soon!

Today’s Practice – 3 Jumbo Buckets!

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

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Well, today was a fun day, I went to the range TWICE. (2 different ones, the first one closed so I had to go to the other one which opens until 9PM)  The first time I hit 2 jumbo buckets for about 3 hours.

The second time, I hit 1 jumbo bucket and the range closed.  I guess I am addicted to golf again, well…

I think there’s about 150 balls in a jumbo bucket so I hit about 450 golf balls today, which is record for me for this year.  When I was a junior about 15 years old, I hit like 1000 balls each day.  Then again, quantity isn’t as important as quality in golf so… But it’s just so FUN to bang balls all day long. :P

If you are just learning to play golf, perhaps it might help to hit lots of balls.  If you are already scratch or better and you have found your swing, go play more than practice I guess…

Today, I was trying the same thing I was doing yesterday, building my own golf swing instead of copying someone else.

Today’s swing thoughts that helped me:

For knockdown shots, really let the hands loose and not much lower body is needed.  I found I hit better shots when I actually try to let the club swing and gravity rule.

For full shots, I really had to feel like getting my lower body started early, well…

Tomorrow will be another practice day and the day after, I can’t wait to go to the range again although I should be playing the course more often.

By the way, this is the first golf swing I took with my new Canon 7D camera, whad’ya think?