The Double Waggle!

by Max on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Do you know the double waggle? the tripple waggle? or the quaddruple-waggle? or the infinite-waggle (that Segio Garcia uses)???

Well if you don’t it’s time to get to know them. The waggle helps you “feel” the swing, how much effort you will put into the shot, so you can control the distance.

Many people do just one waggle but always give yourself the room to do at least two waggles or the “double” waggle. This extra look at the target lets you really feel the target and become more confident about your shot, forgetting about everything else that’s going around you.

Now, you don’t have to limit yourself to just two waggles, perhaps try 3 or even 5. You can do as many as you need but also do remember not to be make it a burden, I would say two or three should suffice for most shots.

How many waggles should you do?

As many as you need to really feel your golf shot, make it fun, take your time and feel the shot. Try it, you will hit shots closer to your target.

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