The correct Movement Through Impact!

by Max on Friday, February 4th, 2011

I’ve been actually researching ways to make my golf swing easier and finally after trying different things, I’ve found a bit of wisdom in my golf swing.

Although I am not keen on so-called golf-experts on YouTube or the internet, I did try something that Tom Bertrand was trying to get through, that of using your elbows to rotate through impact, instead of using your hands or anything else.

Anyways, I have been trying to get more of this type of impact action through my full shots and short game. And indeed it has helped me tremendously to get my game more consistent and to be able to hit more shots under control.

Watch this video, it’s not for beginners out there but for advanced scratch golfers who want to shave couple strokes off their game.

Today I learned about the importance of not using the hands, and it is helping me become more consistent, hit more shots the way I vision.

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