How to Hit The Driver 300+ Yards!!!

by Max on Monday, March 28th, 2011

I’ve probably been hitting my driver over 300+ yards since I was 15-16 years old. It’s actually quite not that hard if you are talkin’ 300+ yards with fly and roll combined. Even 300+ yards on the fly with a good swing and right golf ball can be within your reach.

So, how do you learn to hit the driver 300+ yards?

First, you need a good, flawless technique for the driver, that of really maximizing whatever you can get out of your body while keeping things in check, and just the ability to mofo-effin (sorry that is the best word for this) to hit the ball goddamn hard.

That’s about it, there’s no “set” method for having a good swing that kills your golf balls, rather you need to find that mechanics of the golf swing, one that is consistent and long for “you”.

I’ve put up some of my golf swing videos and a lot of people don’t believe that I can hit the driver 300+ yards. Yet, I go to the range often and find that I really can.

Also, you’d want to practice the 3-wood off-the-ground often, this really teaches you how to sweep the golf ball:

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