Golf is About Being Able to Repeat Your Quirks!

by Max on Friday, October 28th, 2011

Golf is really about being able to “reproduce” the same golf swing over and over again. This doesn’t mean you need to “reproduce” the perfect golf swing, it just means that you can hit the same 15-yard fade or even 30-yard hook every time you hit the ball.

Now, in order to be able to repeat your golf swing, you will need to remember exactly what you did everytime.

Everyone has “quirks”, or certain setup/movements they do during their golf swing. Now, some people do these quirks once in awhile and the good ones can do it everytime.

For me, my quirks include setting up to the ball then making sure my eyes are slightly inside-out in relation to the parallel target line. I also make sure my left feet is open no more than 15 degrees.

Why are my quirks so important to me? That’s because if my eyes are slightly outside-in, I will start taking the club too far outside and ultimately end up hitting a bad hook. If my left feet is open more than 15 degrees, I will open my hips too much at impact and start hitting a bad hook also. But when I make sure my quirks are exactly the way I want it everytime, I ultimately/usually hit the ball straight and minimize my tendency to hook.

But these quirks are different for everyone. For you, maybe you need to feel that your left shoulder is leading your backswing in order to hit the golf ball flush or maybe you need to feel that your weight balance is near 55-45 at address in order to hit the ball a certain way.

The point is, the more quirks you can repeat, the more consistent your golf shots will be. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will hit the ball straight but if you can repeat your 15-yard fade or 15-yard draw everytime, you can simply aim 15 yards left or right to hit the ball on target.

How to find your quirks?

Next time you are on the range, try to be aware of your setup, and try to repeat your quirks if you find any. Go ask your friend and ask him what is so “unique” about your golf swing and setup. I bet he will find a couple. Then make sure you repeat those quirks everytime.

More quirks you know about your golf swing, the more consistent your golf swing will be. Golf isn’t about hitting perfectly straight shots but being able to repeat whatever shot you can hit. That may be a 15-yard hook or even 50 yard banana slice. The point is, you can break par with a consistent 50-yard banana slice but you cannot break par if you have an inconsistent straight shot.

Try it and let me know how your quirks work out for you.

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