Backswing Tips for More Consistent Golf!

by Max on Thursday, November 10th, 2011

I’ve actually been playing more golf lately although I have been busy as hell with my online business. Anyways, today during practice I came up with a swing thought that helped me greatly and this could possibly help you too.

The great Ben Hogan was always big on swing planes and he said that his swing became more consistent when he started imagining this swing plane. Well for most of us Hogan’s swing plane concept isn’t going to work since Ben Hogan swung very, very flat. If you tried to copy his method of swinging in plane, you would literally hook every shot unless you copied his super-weak grip and the correct wrist position at the top of the swing.

In other words, don’t try Ben Hogan’s swing plane as it can lead to a swing that you do not want.

Instead, I thought of another way that could help me and everyday golfers like you. That is think of pointing the butt end of your golf club toward your golf ball on the way back. This allow you(me) to swing back on a consistent plane. Also, that is a good way to swing the golf club as that’s the same path as your follow-through. It’s not exactly the same but by swinging in plane or at least the “same” plane everytime, you will have more consistent results.

Now, the key isn’t a “perfect” plane or golf swing here (as there’s no such thing) but finding a way to repeat a golf swing time after time.

I found that after using this plane method, I was more consistent and could repeat my good golf shots more often. Try it, it can help you.

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2 Responses to “Backswing Tips for More Consistent Golf!”

  1. Gaudencio says:

    l wish l could see a picture of yours swinging the club as you describe. Thanks.

  2. Robbin THAPAR says:


    Most of the tips really work for me. I am 15 handicapper.

    I still facing Tempo problem during down swing as intent to force all the way from peak of back swing to hitting the ball. That always give the bad shot and frustration.

    Is there any swing thought to prevent this mistake.


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