Rooting for James Hahn at Q-School!

by Max on Monday, December 7th, 2009

Well, today is the last day of PGA Tour’s Q-school, the Top 25 finishers will qualify to play in the next year’s PGA Tour events.

Of the players at Q-school, I know two guys who I have played with, James Hahn and Scott Gordon.

Well, Scott Gordon isn’t going to make it it looks like but James Hahn is playing quite well, currently at 9 under par, tied for 25th.

He’s on the 16th hole now, if he can make one more birdie, he can surely secure his PGA Tour card for next year.

Let me tell you about this young man James Hahn, he is a very good golfer.  James Hahn used to win like every other junior golf tournament he played in when I was a junior golfer.

If he makes it through in couple hours (which I believe he will), I bet he will start winning some PGA Tour events, very talented young man.

Well, crossing my fingers, good luck buddy!

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