2010 U.S. Open Winner?

by Max on Sunday, June 20th, 2010

So, today’s the final round of the biggest golf tournament, here’s the current standings after the 3rd round:

Dustin Johnson -6
Graeme McDowell -3
Tiger Woods -1
Ernie Els E
Gregory Havret E
Phil Mickelson +1
Ryo Ishikawa +3
Alex Cejka +3
Tim Clark +3

My bet? Will go with the veterans who have won U.S. Open before, either Tiger Woods or Ernie Els, and maybe Phil Mickelson if he plays like he did in the second round, shooting a 66.

Of course, Dustin Johnson has won AT&T Pro Am multiple times on this same Pebble Beach golf course but I have hard time believing that he can win under different U.S. Open tournament conditions and pressures, especially Sunday will not be same as the previous 3 rounds.   I think Dustin Johnson does have a really good chance if he can pull off just even par for the day but I have hard time believing that he could come through the last round U.S. Open tournament pressures. BUT, let’s not count him out as Dustin Johnson IS leading the tournament by 3 strokes and has been playing rather well on one of the hardest golf courses.

I really think Tiger has the best chance to win especially considering that he did win last year’s U.S. Open on one leg, that’s something you can’t deny. After all the stuff media has blasted about Tiger’s personal life, I would really like to see him in the winner’s circle today.

Well, these are just my predictions, we will see how it goes and find out in the next 10 hours who the real winner is.

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